Oenesthesia Night - Music and Wine

The Wine Hive
TIME:    18h00
COST:    R350
VENUE:    The Wine Hive, 132 Main Road, Paarl

The Wine Hive in Paarl is hosting an Oenesthesia Night with Nick Plummer on 24 May 2024, perfect for music and wine lovers.

Nick Plummer, the radio (wine) guy, is the guest of honour and MC of this event. Your mind will be blown away, and your favourite music and wine will be go together from now on.

When you're tasting wine, you use four senses: sight, smell, taste, and touch.The fifth sense, hearing, isn't utilised. Or so you thought...

A growing body of scientific evidence shows that what you hear DOES influence the taste and texture of wine.

Join us on Friday 24 May, and find out for yourself just how important a part music plays in the enjoyment of wine.

The price per person is R350 - 6 wine and music tasting, Italian snacks.

Pre-booking only. Contact Michela via email at info@nomoyaworld.com to book.