Le Mondial des Vins Blancs Strasbourg

Frédérique Pierré
TIME:    08:30
COST:    98€
VENUE:    Strasbourg

The unique winecontest dedicated to the whole diversity of white wines in the world organized under the OIV patronage and VINOFED member.

10 categories of precise white grape varieties with a wide representation in numerous countries throughout the world

2 categories which enable blended white wines as well as white grape varieties to enter the competition. They both represent a fabulous opportunity to highlight the diversity of the white wines. As an example, the long - forgotten or unknown ancient and indigenous varieties.


Inscriptions are open until 31st August.
Any winery can enter the international competition for a cost of 98€ per registered sample!
Samples are expected from 01 June until 10. September 2021.

All the white wines of the world in 12 categories:

1. Chardonnay
2. Chenin
3. Gewürztraminer
4. Muscat
5. Pinot Blanc
6. Pinot gris
7. Riesling
8. Sauvignon
9. Sylvaner
10. Viognier
11. Othergrapevarieties
12. Blended wines

GOLD and Silvers medals, Grand Prix du jury, the Vinofed Trophy of the best dry wine of the competition, the Best dry wine trophees in each category.