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La Motte
TIME:    09h00
COST:    Free
VENUE:    La Motte Museum

Land Rewoven comprises a considered body of work by MJ Lourens in conversation with selected paintings of JH Pierneef from the La Motte Museum collection. The inspiration for this exhibition lies in recontextualising Pierneef’s well-known oeuvre within a contemporary dialogue.

The exhibition explores the interpretation of land by two South African artists from different generations, whose work could broadly be classified within the same genre. Lourens’ expansive land- and cityscapes composed of skies, clouds, trees and industria invite the viewer to join an exchange of ideas surrounding themes of geographical place, memory and identity and to interpret them in relation to Pierneef’s work.

Pierneef is celebrated for his depiction of the natural beauty of the Southern African landscape, although his interests also included scenes of domestic architecture, city views and mining scenes. Underscored by the philosophies of Willem van Konijnenburg, Pierneef’s work represents harmony and order in nature through a strict use of linearity and geometry. He believed that the best way to capture the landscape was in emphasising its magnificence and enhancing its monumentality. For Pierneef, wide expanse and vistas held spiritual suggestions and thoughts of eternity.

Lourens’ work, despite elements of visual resemblance, subtly resists the perfect harmony and rationality of the untainted traditional landscape. His practice involves an ongoing process of observing a more urban South African landscape. Concerns about human presence and development are thoughtfully interpreted and indicate an awareness of the activity outside the picture frame – acknowledging a complicated landscape.

A landscape becomes place as the result of how land has been formed by human intervention, and consequently shapes the identities of the people who inhabit that place. Individual perceptions of a landscape are unique and subjective and often stem from personal memories and experiences. Landscapes therefore often conjure an emotional response. These individual responses are projected back onto a landscape, adding to an ongoing discourse and offering new interpretations in a rewoven conversation.

Land Rewoven is accompanied by a hard cover limited-edition exhibition publication. This signed and editioned book with a scholarly text by Hayden Proud, Curator at Iziko South African National Gallery, will be launched during Art Franschhoek on 26th October 2019 when MJ Lourens will be in conversation with Barnard Gallery Creative Director, Alastair Whitton.

For La Motte’s Tuesday morning Art Experiences, a weekly exhibition walkabout will be presented on an alternating basis by the artist MJ Lourens and La Motte Museum Curator, Elzette de Beer. The Art Experience concludes with a glass of wine from the award-winning Pierneef Collection and cheese platter from the Pierneef à La Motte Restaurant. Reservations are essential. Book Online

Exhibition info:

Venue: La Motte Museum, La Motte Wine Estate
Date: 9 August 2019 – 12 January 2020
Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays: 09:00 – 17:00
Closed on Christian Religious holidays.
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Entrance is free.