Ayama Broad Beans Festival

Ayama Wines
TIME:    12h00
COST:    R350
VENUE:    Ayama, Voor Paardeberg

Sicily once experienced a failure of all crops other than the beans which kept the population from starvation, Broad beans subsequently became traditional on Saint Joseph's Day altars in many Italian communities.

In Rome, on the first of May, Roman families traditionally eat fresh fava beans with Pecorino Romano cheese. In Liguria, fava beans are loved raw, and consumed fresh in early spring as the first product of the garden, alone or with fresh Pecorino Sardo or with local salami. 

In some Central Italian regions, a once-popular and recently rediscovered fancy food is the bagiana, a soup of fresh or dried fava beans seasoned with onions and beet leaves stir-fried, before being added to the soup, in olive oil and lard.

4 courses lunch, wine pairing with all courses.
Price: R350,00 all inclusive. 
LIMITED to 50 people attending.