Publik Wine Fair

David Cope
TIME:    12:00 - 17:00
COST:    200
VENUE:    Publik Warehouse, 20 Brickfield Road, Salt River
Cape Town

Artisan wine tasting: meet the winemakers, discover new wines.

Publik Wine Fair is the first 'larger format' tasting event hosted by Publik, the wine merchants that have become renowned for championing smaller producers and lesser-known wines.

This event will showcase wines from some of the most exciting artisan winemakers in South Africa (as well as one Champagne). There will be over 25 winemakers showing over 100 wines at the tasting, which will be held at the Publik warehouse in Salt River on the afternoon of Sunday, 15 July 2018. Tickets are limited to 300 in number.

The full list of producers taking part are Alheit Vineyards, Alphabetical, The Blacksmith, Cape Rock, Carinus, City on a Hill, Crystallum, De Kleine Wijnn Koop, Drappier Champagne, Eenzaamheid, Fledge & Co., FRAM, Franco Lourens, Gabrielskloof, Momento, Pella, Natte Valleij, Naude, Radford Dale, Raised By Wolves, Reenen Borman, Reverie, Saltare, Sijnn, Silvermist, Silwervis, Snow Mountain, Terracura, Thistle & Weed, Winery of Good Hope and Usana.