Winetech Senior Cellar Worker - Tasting Workshop

Santi Basson
TIME:    11h00 - 13h00
COST:    Free
VENUE:    Anthonij Rupert, R45, Franschhoek, 7690

The aim of the Winetech workshops are to broaden knowledge and to increase productivity. The tasting workshop will be presented by the CVC.

The contents of the 2018 Winetech study groups

Study group 1: Cellar hygiene
•  What is this? 
• Why is this important? 
• Different cleaning agents and equipment.

Study group 2: Wine Stability
• What is this? 
• Why is this important for the consumer? 
• Different wine stabilities; 
• Different stabilisation methods and equipment.

Study group 3: The bottling and packaging of wine
• The final production process before the wine will reach the consumer; 
• Preparation of wine before bottling; 
• List of controls before bottling; 
• Bottling methods and equipment.

The following applies to the study groups

• Participation is free of charge and the number of participants is not limited.
• All cellar assistants are welcome to attend, including semi-literate and illiterate individuals.
• Study groups will not be presented to groups smaller than 12 cellar assistants.
• The study groups last 1 ½ hours each and will start at 14:15 sharp and conclude at 15:45.
• After each study group the cellar assistants will be evaluated.
• The scores achieved during the evaluation will be available electronically once a month.
• The evaluations will determine the top 10 candidates for 2018.

For more information please contact Santi Basson at or telephone number +27.722988186.