South African Wine Tasting Championship 2024

Saturday, 1 June, 2024
Jean-Vincent Ridon
TIME:    10h00
COST:    R380
VENUE:    TAJ Hotel, 1 Waal Straat, corner of St Georges Mall, Cape Town
Cape Town

The South African Wine Tasting Championship is set to open on 1 June 2024 in Cape Town and welcomes wine enthusiasts, whether amateur or professional.

Join us at the TAJ Hotel in Cape Town on 1 June 2024, to explore up to 50 exceptional wines.

Upon arrival, you will receive an exclusive wine glass from Chef & Sommeliers, the leading French professional wine glass manufacturer. Then, you can peruse wine from some of the finest South African wineries starting at 10h00.

Aside from the excitement of meeting winemakers and learning about their wines, you are invited to participate in the South African Wine Tasting Championship starting at 12h00. In a separate room known as the Tasting Arena, you will face 10 decanters and attempt to identify these anonymous wines, all of which come from the list of 50 you just tasted.

You may enter the Tasting Arena at your convenience, but once inside, you won't have access to the original 50 wines. Therefore, you will need to rely on your memory and talent.

To participate, simply fill out a competition form, providing the grape variety, producer, and vintage of each wine you taste, and earn points for each correct answer.

The highest scorers will advance to the national finale round in July. The top national champions will qualify to join Team South Africa 2024 for the World Championship in Bordeaux, France, in October 2024.

Flying the national flag can be the adventure of a lifetime, but it's also great fun to compete among friends and see who has the most accurate palate.

Put your taste to the test! Secure your ticket now to join the adventure at the TAJ Hotel on Saturday, 1 June 2024.