Elgin Winter Wine Festival

Saturday, 15 June, 2024 to Sunday, 16 June, 2024
Elgin Railway Market
TIME:    10h00
COST:    R200 pp
VENUE:    Elgin Railway Market, Oak Avenue, Elgin

The Elgin Winter Wine Festival on 15-16 June is when the cool climate valley of Elgin comes alive with the tantalizing flavours of its exquisite wines.

Alongside the railway tracks, the historic Elgin Railway Market transforms into a haven for wine enthusiasts.

The stars of the show are the elegant Pinot Noir, the captivating Chardonnay, the intriguing Malbec, and the spicy Syrah, each expressing the terroir and climate of Elgin in its captivating way.

Come enjoy our vibrant atmosphere, where you can sample a diverse array of wines, each reflecting the passion and dedication of the local winemakers.

Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a curious novice, there's something to delight every palate at the Elgin Winter Wine Festival.

R200 for 12 tastings and a free glass.

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