Vinimark's Annual Red Wine Report

TIME:    15h00
VENUE:    Online

You are invited to join our next webinar. Pinotage is 100 years old this year; South African Cabernet Sauvignon has been in bottle for at least 120 years; and Cinsault is older than both! 

We’ve been pondering the lessons learned in that time, and those who will help us into the future. Is South African red wine on the up? Or are we going through a mid-life crisis? And how can we ensure that our next phase is one of growth, quality and confidence?

To answer these questions, we have gathered a panel of local and international spokespeople to share their recommendations and insights on where the industry is headed. We will spend time deconstructing our national vineyard, learning lessons from our own rich history, and drawing on expertise from our New World siblings in Napa, California.

We will also explore both the current status of our most prominent red cultivars, as well as their future potential. Discussions will cover Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Pinotage & even the controversial topic of hybrid cultivars. As always, the overarching goal will be to provide practical take-aways and strategic insight on how to tackle market challenges and ensure that we seize opportunities for growth.

Webinar panel

  • Dr Marinda Kruger - Penrose Hill/Firstleaf Napa, Director of Winemaking
  • Ginette de Fleuriot - Vinimark, Wine Education & Training Manager​
  • Gieliam Botma - Bosman Adama, Grapevines & Plant Improvement
  • Murray Barlow - Rustenberg Wines, Director
  • Roland Peens - Strauss & Co Wine, WineCellar, Wine Business Advisors

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