Vinimark's Annual White Wine Report

TIME:    10h00
VENUE:    Online

You are invited to join our last webinar for 2023. 

Contrary to popular perception, it is South Africa's White Wines that perform much of the heavy lifting of the industry. Roughly 70% of all South African wine production falls into this category, and there are still further opportunities to be seized in the development and differentiation of products within this sphere.  

With this in mind, Vinimark has gathered a panel of local and international spokespeople to share their recommendations and insights on where the industry is headed. We will spend time deconstructing our national vineyard and learning lessons from some of our better-marketed red cultivars. Additionally, we will explore both the current status of our most prominent white cultivars and their future potential. Discussions will cover Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Chenin Blanc, with a focus on learning how the wider wine world sees us, identifying obstacles for growth, and, hopefully, discovering opportunities that we may be overlooking.

Webinar panel

  • Anne Krebiehl - London based Master of Wine and recent judge of the Investec Trophy Wine Show
  • Corlea Fourie - Bosman Family Vineyards winemaker
  • Evan Alexander - Vinimark Export Manager 
  • Johan Jordaan - Spier Cellar Master

Contact Annareth Bolton at for more information.