Culinary herb workshop at Babylonstoren

TIME:    10h00
COST:    R900 pp
VENUE:    Babylonstoren Farm Shop

Make fresh herbs your secret to heavenly culinary creations with the help of our Babylonstoren's Healing Garden curator, Gundula Deutschländer.

Have your tastebuds tantalised and green fingers inspired as we explore the wide range of tastes and textures found in a bunch of green leaves. Herbs express their unique uses in their distinct taste – some bitter, some sweet, some pungent and some peppery.

We’ll kick off the workshop in the garden with guidance from our Healing Garden curator, Gundula Deutschländer. After we’ve gathered some herbs from the garden, we’ll be chopping and pounding the leaves in the kitchen to incorporate these aromas in the meal we’ll be preparing for our lunch.

Bring along a hat and an apron for a fun day at Babylonstoren to learn about the what, when and why of cooking with herbs from the garden.

Steaming coffee from our Lekker Room is served upon arrival. Lunch in the Spice House is included.

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