Craft your own homemade soaps from the garden of Babylonstoren

Wednesday, 31 August, 2022
TIME:    10h00
COST:    R850pp
VENUE:    Babylonstoren

Learn how to make your own natural soap using Babylonstoren’s fragrant garden as inspiration.

The class kicks off with guests harvesting their own aromatics (like lavender, rosemary or lemon leaf) from the fields and orchards surrounding the farm. In the Babylonstoren Scented Room, you'll learn how essential oils are distilled from natural ingredients before using these in your own soap.

Practical advice on the intricacies of natural soap making, such as infusing, preparing, and casting soap, will be discussed by Babylonstoren's in-house compounder Gavin Hendricks. Creating and blending different products like bath oils, balms and moisturisers may also be explored if time permits.

Guests get to take home their own creations at the end of the day.

Steaming coffee from our Lekker Room is served upon arrival.
Lunch at the Tasting Room is included.