A taste of Shiraz with Avontuur

Wednesday, 25 May, 2022
Avontuur Estate
TIME:    18h00
VENUE:    Avontuur Estate

Enjoy dinner and a taste of Shiraz with Hidden Valley Wines, Avontuur Estate, and Eikendal.
Avoid disappointment and book your spot in joining us for A Taste of Shiraz!?
Join us on May 25th to indulge your senses, joined by winemakers Jan van Rooyen (Avontuur Estate), Annalie van Dyk (@hiddenvalleywines) and Yvonne Lester (@eikendal_vineyards) as they take you on a tasting journey of their respective estate’s spectacular Shiraz’s.
Participating guests can expect to enjoy a delicious and heart-warming 2-course meal, put together by our very own @avontuur_restaurant.
Contact us to book your spot - space is limited!
+27 (0) 855 3450