Food Synergy At Mellasat Vineyards

TIME:    11:00
COST:    249
VENUE:    Keerweder Road, Klein Drakenstein, Paarl

If there is anything better than a glass of good wine, it is a glass of good wine with its perfect food partner. The interaction between food and wine creates a synergy that enhances both, purely for your enjoyment.

This is an experience that is flexible to your needs and can be wine based or food based.

Essentially, there are two styles: “Petite Synergy” is a pairing of small bites with artisanal, small-production wines. Five wines are paired with seasonally inspired bites, prepared by the winery chef.

“Grande Synergy” is a three-course menu consisting of a starter, main and dessert. With a choice of dishes, each course is paired with one of our specially selected wines.

However, the flexibility of choice is with you. You may decide to have one or the other, or you could tailor your experience and choose dishes from our a La Carte menu with elements of “Grande”, depending on your appetite.

Because the menu changes frequently, based on the season, you should call ahead to inquire about the menu. “Synergy” is available on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 – 15:00 and by reservation only.

Book now for an exploration of your senses with “Synergy”.