Spier Light Art Is Back

TIME:    18h00
VENUE:    Spier, R310 Stellenbosch

Inspiring performances to celebrate the launch of Spier Light Art. The popular annual Spier Light Art will be presented again from 8 December 2019 to 19 January 2020. Each night, visitors will experience a dazzling array of light and sound artworks throughout this historic Stellenbosch farm.

At the opening ceremony of Spier Light Art on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 December 2019, the audience will be invited to join a procession across a multi-sensory, cross-cultural wonderland featuring dancers, stilt walkers and other illuminating enchantments. These performances celebrate the launch of the second edition of Spier Light Art – an array of 21 interspersed light and sound installations created by some of South Africa’s leading artists and designers.

Choreographer Jay Pather’s performance piece, From Before, will feature 22 Shembe, classical ballet and Bharatha Natyam dancers – all wearing light-infused costumes. Other performances include a new production by the spectacularly athletic Indoni Dance Company and a production with large puppets by Janni Younge.

Opening ceremony tickets:

  • R200 per adult (includes a complimentary glass of wine)
  • R75 per child under 12.
  • R650 per couple (includes two adult entry tickets, a picnic and bottle of Signature Spier wine).

Starting time: Performance starts at 18:00

Tickets are sold through www.webtickets.co.za

Some of the installations that will run till 19 January 2020 includes:

  • Lyall Sprong’s Bergson’s Misting Circle – a 4 metre vertical circle of light and mist
  • Goldendean’s Breathe Goldendean – an interactive inflatable sculpture that allows you to lie on it whilst it gently glows and breathes around you
  • David Brits’s massive 70 metre glowing shape, suspended high in one of the oldest oaks living on the Spier Werf (farmyard)
  • Themba Stewart and Qondiswa James’s astute and profound Keep the Lights On, which reminds us that light in the everyday is a sociopolitical issue that cannot be taken for granted

Spier Light Art is free and guests can explore the farm’s 21 light art installations at their own leisurely pace. The best time is at dusk, to catch the beautiful sunset and the switching on of the lights. Be sure to book a dinner or picnic in advance.

Spier Light Art is one of Spier’s Growing for Good initiatives, which empower communities to create positive social and environmental change.