Certificate in Wine Evaluation Short Course

Lorette de Villiers
TIME:    18:00
COST:    R2500
VENUE:    Department of Viticulture and Oenology, JH Neethling building in Victoria Street, Stellenbosch

The Department of Viticulture and Oenology, University of Stellenbosch, presents a Wine Evaluation course to meet a spectrum of requirements. The course is presented by Valeria Panzeri, who has an MSc (Agric) in Oenology (focus on wine taint) and extensive knowledge and experience as winemaker, researcher (aroma compounds) and training facilitator.

Course information

  1. Aim: The identification of unacceptable quality properties of wine and the consistent quality differentiation of different wine types and styles. Successful candidates receive an US certificate in wine evaluation which enables persons to serve as tasters on the panels of the Wine and Spirits Board and the SA National Wine Competition Association. (Young Wine Show and VERITAS)
  2. Potential Candidates: Assistant winemakers, winemakers, researchers, production personnel, wine lovers with training and extensive experience in wine evaluation.
  3. Course Composition: A certificate course where wines of different types, cultivars and quality, with or without defects are tasted by an experienced tasting panel. The course is concluded with a written evaluation of the candidates in comparison with the experienced reference panel.
  4. Certificate: Upon successful completion of the course exam, you will be receive a certificate of competence.
  5. The course is presented in English.
  6. Please note that the course is mainly practical and only a short overview of styles and taints is given in the first day as a refresher. Candidates are expected to have sufficient knowledge of various aspects of wine production and quality.

Venue and duration

It is usually presented at the Department of Viticulture and Oenology, JH Neethling building in Victoria Street, Stellenbosch but it can also be presented in-house where sufficient interest exists.
The course consists of three sessions of 2-3 hours each and is usually presented from 18:00.

Dates and cost

The course date is 11-13 November.
Course fee is R2500

Enrolment procedure

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Any enquiries concerning the courses can be sent to Valeria Panzeri at panzeri@sun.ac.za or Lorette de Villiers at lorette@sun.ac.za.