W1 - Brandy and Mampoer Practical Workshop

Koelenhof Wine Cellar
TIME:    08h00 - 17h00
VENUE:    Koelenhof Wine Cellar

Our one day Practical Workshop covers the basics Brandy and Mampoer, as it relates to Processing, Fermentation, Distillation and Spirit Enhancement.

Learn to make your very own brandy, witblits, mampoer and eau-de-vie – all in one course. A fun day learning how to make brandy, witblits, mampoer, or eau-de-vie and then make it!


• Fractionating - Cutting out bad aromas

Workshop Contents:

• Brandy, Witblits, Mampoer and eau-de-vie overview
• Brandy facts and history in South Africa
• Distilling safety
• Distilling legalities in South Africa
• The Cultural Distillers Guild
• Traditional vs more modern distilling
• Fermentation
• Sugar and alcohol calculations
• Basic distilling physics
• Still types
• The basic distillation process
• Alternative distilling processes
• Enhancement after distillation
• Brandies from the world - tasting (Dependant on availability of representative)

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