Anton Karstel exhibition at Saronsberg

VENUE:    Saronsberg

Anton Karstel will be exhibiting a collection of his work in the gallery for 3 months which will be ready by the 50 year earthquake commemoration weekend which is also the Tulbagh Arts Festival. There will be no official opening and guests are welcome to visit the gallery during our opening times.

Please see below a short piece that Anton has written about the collection that he has put together for Saronsberg .

The exhibition will feature a selection of paintings from my career, spanning the late 1980's to 2019. My recent paintings have an affinity with the biomorphic and Picassoesque abstraction of my early work.  I included five paintings of explosive devices used during the armed resistance in the 1980's as well as paintings of their destructive aftermath. Two prime ministers are included: D F Malan and J G Strijdom. These paintings are from a series in which I painted the five apartheid prime ministers: Malan, Srijdom, Verwoerd, Vorster and Botha. The painting "Gedeelte van die Perdekommando by die Rapportryers op Grunau" is from a series of paintings from a book titled "Die Huldejaar 1949". The book was published to accompany the inauguration of the Voortrekker Monument. The painting "Afskeid" which Saronsberg purchased recently is part of this series. (The monument was inaugurated by D F Malan.) It is from a series of paintings from a physical education syllabus which was published in 1952. The Huldejaar paintings, physical education painting, and "Broken Hill (Wonderful South Africa)" (Saronsberg Collection) are connected in the sense that these publications were collected from my parents' house in Pretoria.    

Below is Anton's Bio:

Anton Karstel was born in Pretoria and currently lives in Cape Town. He obtained his Masters of Fine Arts in 1995 at the University of  Pretoria, after completing his Bachelor of Fine Art in 1990. He has exhibited locally and abroad since 1993. He was included in the exhibition Graft (Second Johannesburg Biennale) in 1997, and had a mid-career retrospective exhibition at the Pretoria Art Museum in 2018.

We currently have 5 of his works part of the Saronsberg collection.