Winetech Senior Cellar Assistant Workshop - Breedekloof - Afrikaans & English

Santi Basson
COST:    Free
VENUE:    Opstal Estate

In 2019 a workshop, which also includes a tasting, will be presented to senior cellar assistants in Wellington, Breederiver, Vredendal and Upington. Qualified winemakers will present the workshops in these areas.

Content of the 2019 Senior Cellar Assistant Workshop

The use and aim of cooling and heating during different winemaking processes.

The following applies to the study groups

  • The workshops will be presented in Wellington, Breedekloof, Vredendal and Upington
  • The workshops will last 3 ½ hours each.
  • Confirmation letters with more information will be mailed beforehand.
  • Participation is free of charge.
  • Cellar assistants must be literate and successfully completed the WTSA SKOP 3 qualification.
  • Participants must be fluent in Afrikaans and English.
  • The workshops will be presented at a central location in the area.
  • Enrolments will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Confirmation of participation, with proof of SKOP 3 qualification is essential.
  • The ID numbers of cellar assistants will be required in order to participate.
  • Only 25 individuals will be accommodated.
  • Notes will be available electronically in Afrikaans and English.
  • Attendance registers will be electronically available to participating cellars.
  • A letter, which can be used for BEE purposes, will confirm the rand value of the workshops and will be available electronically to participating cellars.


For more information please contact Santi Basson at or telephone number +27.722988186.