Winetech Study Group - Worcester/Breede - Xhosa (1)

Santi Basson
TIME:    14h15
COST:    Free
VENUE:    Botha Cellar

The aim of the Winetech study groups are to broaden knowledge and to increase productivity. The study groups are presented by a qualified winemaker, Nomonde Kubheka

The contents of the 2019 Winetech Study Groups

Study group 1: Composition of grapes; ripening of grapes; receive and off-loading of grapes.

Study group 2: Destemming and crushing of grapes; cooling of grape mash.

Study group 3: Separation of juice and skins before fermentation.

The following applies to the study groups

  • Three study groups each for the Afrikaans and Xhosa cellar assistants are presented in the different participating regions from June until end of August. 
  • Confirmation letters will be mailed beforehand to confirm the study group of the relevant month.
  • Confirmation of participation is essential.
  • The study groups are presented by a qualified winemaker, Nomonde Kubheka.
  • Participation is free of charge and the number of participants is not limited.
  • All cellar assistants are welcome to attend, including semi-literate and illiterate individuals.
  • The ID numbers of individuals will be required in order to participate.
  • Study groups will not be presented to groups smaller than 12 cellar assistants.
  • The study groups last 1 ½ hours each and will start at 14:15 sharp and conclude at 15:45, (excluding Botriver).
  • Attendance registers will be electronically available to participating cellars.
  • A letter, which can be used for BEE purposes, will confirm the rand value of the study groups and will be available to participating cellars.
  • Notes in Afrikaans, English and Xhosa will be available electronically to participating cellars.
  • After each study group the cellar assistants will be evaluated and the forms will be returned to the cellar assistants at the next session.
  • The scores achieved during the evaluation will be available electronically once a month.
  • The evaluations will determine the top 10 candidates for 2019. 


For more information please contact Santi Basson at or telephone number +27.722988186.