Synergy at Mellasat!

Saturday, 3 April, 2021 to Saturday, 3 July, 2021
Gizelle or Elzaan
TIME:    11:00 am
VENUE:    Mellasat Vineyards, Keerweder Road,Klein Drakenstein, Paarl

oin Mellasat on Saturdays and Sundays for our "Petite Synergy", a wine and food pairing.

The interaction between food and wine creates a synergy that enhances both, purely for your enjoyment.

“Petite Synergy” is a pairing of small bites with artisanal, small-production wines. Five wines are paired with seasonally inspired bites, prepared by the winery chef.

Our “Petite Synergy” is available on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 – 15:00 and by reservation only.

Book now for an exploration of your senses with “Synergy”.